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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a Dewey Green Pest Management Program.

The goal of Dewey Green Pest Management Program is to provide a balance between pest control benefits, public health and preservation of environmental quality.

Dewey Green is an identification process and always starts with a thorough inspection, followed by identification, recommendation, exclusion and treatment with green products, and finally evaluation. All phases of IPM are linked to ongoing communication with the client.

Gallery of Bugs

The black widow spider carries poisonous venom that creates fever and illness in adults and can cause severe injury and even death to infants and small animals.
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The cockroach eats food of any kind, and destroys fabrics, clothes, books, and rugs. It's found in pantries, closets, basements, and any other dark, moist area with easy access to food.

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The house fly carries bacteria from decaying matter and feces. Its larvae (commonly called maggots) live off of dead animals, garbage, and decaying matter.

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The carpet beetle thrives on various materials such as fur, woolens, leather, hair, and other organic matter.

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The bee pollinates fruit trees, flowers, and plants to make honey to feed the colony.

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The ant feeds voraciously on sweets, grease, and food matter. Some species can strip all of a tree's leaves in just one night. 

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Dewey Pest Control is the BEST! They COMPLETELY got rid of my spider and ant problem! I used to throw out snail bait, but they've solved that problem too!
Their sales reps are very kind and courteous. They seemed very interested in actually solving problems and creating a solution rather than being the typical, pushy door-to-door guys! They go the extra mile and take care of far more than the competition! They hit around the entire foundation for ants and stop them from getting inside the kitchens and bathroom! They stop problems with most pests I can think of and even help out with fleas and ticks. Also, they treat for snails and slugs everytime! I'm very satisfied with their service and I would be willing to recommend them to any of my friends! Great Company, Great Service!

Skyler H

Love Dewey Pest Control! I call if there is a pest problem and they are out the next day to take care of it. I have been a customer for over 4 years now, and have had great service the entire time. Their prices are very reasonable too!

Raquel U.