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By utilizing the "Integrated Pest Management" solution, you enjoy the benefits of being both environmentally friendly as well as effectively managing those nasty pests and rodents.

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At Dewey we've been evicting unwanted house guests for over 86 years using only state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly methods of pest control.

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Over the years, Dewey Pest Control has managed a dedicated workforce, quality of service, and a commitment to provide satisfaction to our clients.

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The black widow spider carries poisonous venom that creates fever and illness in adults and can cause severe injury and even death to infants and small animals.

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The cockroach eats food of any kind, and destroys fabrics, clothes, books, and rugs. It's found in pantries, closets, basements, and any other dark, moist area with easy access to food.

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The house fly carries bacteria from decaying matter and feces. Its larvae (commonly called maggots) live off of dead animals, garbage, and decaying matter.

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The carpet beetle thrives on various materials such as fur, woolens, leather, hair, and other organic matter.

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The bee pollinates fruit trees, flowers, and plants to make honey to feed the colony.

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The ant feeds voraciously on sweets, grease, and food matter. Some species can strip all of a tree's leaves in just one night. 

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Dewey Pest control is terrific! Office staff are wonderful! I was having a infestation of ants for a week now and Godwin came to do work. He was friendly and informative. I am satisfied with this company and would recommend to friends.

Diane B

Dewey Pest Control has been providing me with prompt, reliable & courteous service for over 20 years.  Would recommend Dewey Pest Control for termite and pest services.

Gary K